Steven Barnes

In 1984 Mr. Barnes became the President and Owner of TPA Corporation. He is responsible for sales, software installation/maintenance, Cloud computing, networking, new technology development, testing, and all aspects of TPA’s business. He has been a Taft Hartley Benefit Fund Administration software designer for the past 35 years. He has developed technology solutions to meet the current and changing Benefit Fund and governmental requirements that affect Taft Hartley Benefit Funds.

Jake Canner, Director of Technology & Data Analytics

Mr. Canner has been with TPA Corporation since 2017 focused primarily on the data side of operations for the Office of Professional Employees International Union National Retirement Savings Plan (OPEIU NRSP). He led the implementation process of the OPEIU NRSP account for TPA
Corporation, where he modified and designed database software directly with the company programmer to meet the account’s needs. Once the OPEIU account was fully integrated with TPA Corporation, he has managed and maintained all necessary payroll 401k contribution and loan data between over 30 Employers of the OPEIU NRSP, and Empower Retirement. He also works closely with Trustees and Accountants of the plan to take on end of year Compliance and Audit review.

Jackie Barnes, Director of Sales & New Project Development

Mr. Barnes has been with TPA since 2020. He works primarily on the OPEIU National Retirement Savings Plan, providing a smooth implementation and on-boarding process for employers and their participants. Tasks include working with Plan Providers, Plan Administrators, Attorneys, Trustees, Investment Advisors, Financial Institutions, Record-keepers, and Customer Service Representatives.
He also manages data, and the electronic transfer of contributions from employers to the plan’s Financial Institution and Record-keeper.

Greg Lesher, Director of Software & Maintenance

Mr. Lesher has been with TPA since 1994. He is responsible for the software development,
installation, and maintenance of the client systems.

Mark Agrusti, Software Developer

Mr. Agrusti has been with TPA since 2001. He is TPA’s lead programmer and windows software developer; responsible for windows and web development, as well as deployment, implementation, and testing.

Kenneth Kostik, Data Analyst

Mr. Kostik has been with TPA since 2014. He is responsible for data export, building data layouts, importing data files, creating and exporting eligibility, payment disbursement, and demographic files.

Michelle Magrino, Fund Administrator

Mrs. Magrino has been with TPA since 2016. She is a certified fund administrator and is primarily responsible for all contribution billing, payment posting, employer correspondence, fund accounting,
and general office management.

Gray Barnes, Sales Representative & Research Analyst

Mr. Barnes has been with TPA since 2020. He is responsible for driving new business as well as generating eligibility files, importing eligibility data, testing and system implementation, as well as research for ongoing projects.